Disappointments – modern day struggles

Gotta write this fast, until the thought slips my mind or I chicken out and not write it, thinking I don’t want negativity in this virtual place.

But as they say, the problem is not the problem itself it’s your attitude towards the problem.

I’ve recently entered a couple of contests and unfortunately I did not make it to the winners’ list. As I only just started doing these contests it’s not a biggy, but disappointment slips into my mind and that is when doubts arise. Am I so bad? Am I doing a sloppy job? Am I not good enough? Naaah, I am sure that soon I’ll make it – meanwhile I have some experience to accumulate, understanding what I should do better or different, in what to invest time, energy and eventually money.

But I wasn’t only disappointed in these happenings, but also in people. Does it happen to you too that people disappoint you, when they can be good but instead they chose to be bad, comment and generally be unpleasant?

I was experiencing this at work with colleagues.

When you work alongside for a couple of years, but one leaves and the others have the chance to make their former colleague’s day better through a nice gesture – like celebrating their birthday with a small gift and definitely not expensive, why won’t one do it? Somehow, all the differences of opinion, all the tensions and all the less favorable moments don’t come into mind when it’s about doing something positive, good and meaningful.

As we participate in each other’s special moments – namedays, birthdays, weddings, child births and even death of family, how can we erase this and just say nothing, do nothing and be nothing to the other person? And how can you expect the others to treat you dearly and look up to you?

For the past year I’ve been ticking off my people-to-chat-with-and-give-my-attention all the people who have been generally a bad influence on other people, people who are close-minded and mostly people who’ll change the way they are when surrounded by different people. One has to have their own special way of being and have a set of moral values and stay true to these.

As I want to give my life experience and any expertise that I have  to others, I want to have in my life people that I look up to and not play other people’s games for their own benefit and other’s suffering.

So, if you are reading this, if you know me and you think that I have interacted less with you, either I was busy or you’ve been less of a good person than I’ve known you to be. And instead of making up weird scenarios in your mind, only and ONLY if you are prepared to hear what I have to say, ask me anything. I’ll be glad to tell you what’s on my mind and in my soul and you can decide if that is true for you or not.

I want 2018 to be a year when people talk to each other and not about each other and I want to do it especially for me. This way I won’t engage in discussions with no real added value.


Cheers to that & happy birthday, Vali!





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