Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best of ’em all?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cow and chicken, Scooby Doo where are you, here’s.. not George Jetson, but today’s entry.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been thinking about our current and world wide entertainment industry. And I am not referring to TV shows but to the independent content creators – the ones we watch on Youtube or the ones we read through their sites and blogs.

One of the persons that I am currently following said into one of their clips that the trends for the next years is going towards vlogging. I can’t say I don’t agree that there are numerous people creating their very own channel every day that passes by (I myself created one and left it to dust) but I believe that writing will not die any day soon.

Here are a couple of reasons why I think that the written press is here to stay:

  1. Accessibility. Nowadays we consume, consume, consume. Fast and easy. Next, next, next. Where is the digestion process happening? Nowhere. If you are having a couple of moments to kill before a meeting or during break, or anytime really and you are surrounded by people, unless you have some headphones, reading a blog is more handy than watching a video. And when you are reading something, your mind is processing all the information as compared to just watching. It’s the story of our childhood brought to modern times – go read a book and don’t watch so much TV.
  2. Money talks. As we’re so attached to our mobile phones, reading a blog during a subway ride or watching a video have considerably different mobile traffic charges. While the first is low in MB consumption, the latter is eating all your resources like a starving child. Of course that if you are loading high resolution pictures the traffic will definitely increase, but all in all, reading versus watching has a clear winner.
  3. Making more sense. If you watch different vloggers you’ll see different presentation styles – nothing wrong with that. However, if that person is not preparing a speech beforehand, most of the times you’ll hear the almighty ‘And yeah’ or ‘Errr’ or ‘Like’ or whatever redundant phrase is now trending. When an author publishes an article on their blog, most of the times, they’ll read and reread what they’ve been writing so that they make sense. Of course this is not valid for everyone out there and of course there are some mistakes also being made, but from my experience, from what I read and wrote, these authors are more articulate when it comes to discussing on any subject.
  4. Connecting with all type of people. Not only to those ones that feel comfortable in from of a camera or have the appropriate technology to tape themselves. I find it a bit more costly to maintain a channel compared to a blog, because the minimal investment is higher for the former. And it would be a pity not to benefit from the ideas of anyone with creative spirit.

These are some differences on top of my mind. I consume both types of information/entertainment and my somewhat experience is in the blogging area.

I consume most of the Youtube content when I am home or when I have free wi fi connection, so again, mostly at home. If I have to take a shower/bath/cook something/clean the house, a video will always be on my phone, on my desktop or on my TV.

And I will read anytime I be surrounded by people.  Or when I’ll be out shopping and find something to buy but i’ll need reviews on the product.

There is no good or bad, there’s enough place under the sun for all of us, and any type of entertainment will be chosen to fit our desires and needs; that is why I think that none of them is better than the other, it’s only more convenient.


Read you soon!

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