New year, new challenge

Having spent a couple of days off work and celebrating the winter holidays we’re now really getting into this year’s to do list(s) and planning how it’s going to get down.

As a fresh home owner I know I’ll have my hands full with plans over plans over some more plans to refurbish my new acquired house.

I don’t know how other people do this, I myself don’t really know how I am going to do this, but I guess it is useful to gather all the info, all the inspiration pictures out there that resemble something I might like and fit my life style.

I have not seen myself as a home owner until very recently, and I was actually reluctant on buying a house especially since it will come with a 20+ year bank loan. But somehow, for two people with different passions, the 1 bedroom apartment in which we currently live in is not sufficing anymore and so the search for a new place began.

Paying monthly rent or bank loan is the same form of payment, with the bank load being obviously higher in $$ but owning the place that you’re customizing to fit your needs.

So for the beginning of 2018, husband and I, have the challenge to recondition our future apartment from finding the best crew to work on walls, floors, installations and overall design to buying the appliances we’ve always desired to have in our personal space. And none of these come cheap. When it comes to costs, the more money you have the faster you’ll get things done and move.

And because we’re doing this out of our own pockets it’s a challenge to find the best for the money we have. As we did for our wedding expenses, our best friend is an Excel spreadsheet where we try to keep track of most of our home spending.


This new place has a lot more space compared to our current one, namely 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and I’ve been browsing pinterest for ideas – space saving, nice decor, minimalist yet glam, you name it.

One of our initial thoughts is to get a designated person to do the  plan just before we get into the heavy lifting – planning where everything will go beforehand saves a lot of ‘oh I wanted do this this or that, why didn’t I think about it’.

Looking online, on our local market, I only found articles about how expensive it is to have an interior designer for this planning phase, which seems a bit extreme. So, for the next couple of days we will be seeing some people to test them out – we’re going to present them the house plan and see what they suggest on top of their minds.

Until next time, I have selected a couple of inspiration pics from Pinterest which come very close to what I/we like.


Any suggestions? Anything to look out for?

Do share!




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