Last days of summer

.. it’s the name of the song, but since it’s the 31st of December, a more appropriate name would be last days of 2017.

I’ve been online surfing for the past days and it seems like everyone has these end of the year thoughts with the new year, new me theme and that’s not on my mind.

What is on my mind though is the amount of thank yous I need to give to all the people that have supported me to achieve my dreams, goals or even the day to day tasks at work.

And the THANK YOUs go to:

  1. Best actor in a leading role – the one and only, the husband, Andrei
  2. Best actor in a supporting role – my dad
  3. Best actress in a leading role – my mom
  4. Best actress in supporting role – it was a tie here, I couldn’t decide that is why this prize goes to Adela, Oana, Irina – for being my best models when it comes to makeup and Alexandra for having faith in me and recommending me to her friends for makeup jobs
  5. Best fashion advice – Silvia
  6. Best group to hang out with – Activitati pornografice (you know who you are)
  7. Best couple to have coffee, food, play boardgames and play with their cat – Alina & Razvan
  8. Best colleagues to encourage me to follow my passions – Stefania, Cristia & Laurentiu
  9. Best bosses and coaches at work – Lucian & Laurentiu
  10. Best colleague and photographer who did not say no when I wanted a picture here, a picture there, a picture everywhere – Arhir
  11. Best family advice – our godfathers
  12. Best newlyweds and godsons – Alexandra & Dragos
  13. Best friends abroad – Carolina & Remco
  14. Best coach – Sorin

Of course I, we have a lot of people to be thankful to and it even if I did not make up a category to comprise them all, our families always support us on our plans, our extended family of friends, Lloyd & Nita were there for us on our major successes, all the people I met this year that made me a better person – skill wise, makeup & theater.

Thank you for being a part of my experiences, memories and my self development.

Thank you for giving me advice, listening to me and sharing your knowledge.

2018 is about to happen, today is a day like any other day, maybe a bit more glam, a bit more joyful but definitely a day. Let’s make the people in our lives and the true occasions a moment of happiness and thankfulness.

This year makes for some pretty cool memories and travel – Mexico with the Mexican & Dutch wedding, it’s missed connection and being stuck there for an almost extra week;  Germany with Phantasialand crazy rides, getting soaking wet and screaming and laughing like nuts and Greece with a Romanian beach wedding.

The final days of 2017 gave us a much wanted house and next year starts with decorating and choosing colors and textures.

Here is 2017 in photos, not necessarily the best ones.



2018, you have no idea what we have prepared for you! 




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