Stuff I would buy again. And again. And again

This blog post title is inspired by a national TV commercial in Romania, as you might know it, but it doesn’t have anything to do with windows. What the author wants to describe here is the repeated action one can choose to do, namely buying the same things all over again. The product itself or the great customer service experience are the basis for this article and the desire for a fun with a touch of tech current or all time favorites tag.

Although this is a female blog and you would probably think, ‘What is she going to talk about if not the same old beauty related stuff? ‘. Well, as much as I am into the beauty industry, I found it useful for me to share and for others to find out (if they don’t know by now) about some make-your-life-easier-smarter-cooler stuff or simply things that you can rely upon for the money you spent on it, or the extra mile that their customer service provide.

If you are living in the Netherlands, or are a guy or are tech passionate (or maybe none of the above, although I highly doubt it) you might be very familiar with Secrid.

Me and my then partner, now proudly calling my husband, discovered this magic tiny little miss fancy box by chance. How come? When we were out shopping, one of our friends, a Dutch guy, suddenly reached to his pocket and retrived his wallet, which wasn’t your usual boring plain black leather holder, but a cardholder. With the simple touch, the box prompted with all the cards it had inside, one on top of each other, but where you can easily spot which is which. Whoa! That was more than 4 years ago. And we are still going strong on this technology. In fact, I recently bought myself the additional card slide and the elastic band so that I can fit my coins and some spare cash I randomly and seldomly have with me.

And I mentioned the technology affinity above, because it is absolutely impossible to not have heard about Secrid, since every other vlogger shows this magic box in their must have technology gear.


It’s small and it does it’s job. No more big, shiny and super extra large wallets. I don’t even care about the fashion trends in this regard – it is much easier to carry this toy with me (plus the bonus stares when I have to pay for my shopping). Some are so curious and intrigued that they even start a conversation, eager to find out where I got ‘the thing’. Social currency indeed (thank you ‘Contagious’, Jonah Berger).

The Secrid can be bought online; unfortunately they do not deliver necessarily everywhere but there are other options too – I got one in the Netherlands, one in Milan and some additionals onlive via Mukama, but I saw some Amazon options too.

The nice to have is the online product registration which gives the owner an extra one year warranty for its mechanism (making it a total of three years!). This is only available for the cardprotector, which has a code written inside it, follow the instructions on their official site mentioned above.

If you like music as I am sure you do (tell me who doesn’t and I will prove you wrong) and you usually go to work or travel a lot, a good set of headphones will come in handy.

Now depending on your preference, there’s inear, there’s big ones, to cover your entire ear, more affordable or more expensive.

Given the fact that we are sometimes poor or sometimes we plan our money a bit better, it is safe to say each and every one of us found himself or herself in all cases possible.

That’s why, I will show you a budget inear option and the mother of all Gods, tried and tested by yours truly. Keep in mind I don’t know much about  .. history, don’t know much biology .. Naaah, I’m messing with you. I am an average user, with a moderate interest in technology but with a super-uber-passionate tech husband  and I got sucked into these stuff that did good by me.

First, here’s your budget friendly earphones presented by Brainwavz.


We got this product as one of our standard phone plugs broke down and wanted something good for few money. So husband did an online checkup and came back with these, which we ordered via Amazon Uk.

As soon as the earphones reached well, or ears, we discovered a really good sound and a comfortable fit. With your earphones you get a sleek case, in which you can fit them and if you are a lady and carrying a bag, this is a top notch detail. We always, but I mean aaaaaalways lose our stuff inside this black whole. But even if you are a guy, it is a plus to be well organized. The earphones come with three size silicon moulds to match everyone’s ear size and a clothes hook, which you can carry them along with you in the case, since it has two compartiments and not a just a wide space.

Our model is the Delta IEM Noise Isolating Earphones with microphone and remote in black, which we later got also on white. The quality for this price is unbeatable. I used my earphones successfully when travelling by bus, while going to work and even on the plane. Of course the plane noise is much greater than any other day to day activity, but even if so, I got to cancel out snoring people and get some peaceful moments with some music in the background.

For the premium version go lose yourself in the music by choosing Bose QC35. QC as in quiet comfort, as in put them on and isolate yourself from the rest of the world, all while being super comfortable on your ears and no wire. Having a hefty price of 400Eur if you plan to spend less, keep an eye on resale groups such as the international Ebay or some more locally oriented as OLX. Check for the guarantee and you are better off buying them from a previous owner as long as they in the shape and condition you like them (preferably as new as possible).


Why we love them? Well, the noise cancelling features stands up to what it claims to do and the best way for us to see this was while travelling by plane.

I was using my Brainwavez when my husband switched them with his Bose over the ear. Yes, it was really great to hear a perfect sound and I realized the difference in sound when he took them off. Whoa! Such a difference, if before I couldn’t tell that I was in a plane, as soon as he took them off I was thinking, how can I live with that noise?! We are keen on getting a second pair, I mean I am – and it will  probably be acquired from a previous owner to soften the blow, money wise.

Regarding their aspect – they do not stand out, they are all black, with a comfortable padding on top, where it touches your head. There a controls on one of the ears, for on/off and to connect to devices as well as sound controls. I sometimes find it difficult to connect to different devices, through blue-tooth, however if I select the ‘forget device’ and then rescan, it works.

Staying in the same tech area, I recently got birthday boy to be meaning my husband a portable, waterproof speaker, which I am sure I will also use, haha. We were scanning the market for some powerful yet portable speaker, for clear sound with a waterproof feature. We don’t go that often to the pool, seaside or underwater, but this feature is helpful if you get bored easily and are used to watch or listen to youtube or audiobooks when washing dishes, showering or bathing. Yes, you read it right – when you clean yourself, this ordinary day to day activity. So, we decided upon the Logitech UE Boom wireless speaker, 2nd series, all black.


When we first tried this out in an electronics shop and played just random music from my phone, it gave me chills! The bass was so distinct, the sound clear and you did not think this small box can play such loud music.

I paired the device through bluetooth to my Samsung and ever since we’ve got it I also tried it with my Iphone and Windows tablet, thus trying it with every device we regularly use.

Specifications wise, I can’t say more than the features list, but I can specify that it came in a big plastic box, equipped with the charger, a cable and two different adapters – European and UK. It charges through the usb cable provided so no batteries needed. After two weeks of use, of daily use I mean, for about 30 minutes to one hour it reached 55% of its battery life, which is super convenient. Charge it once and recharge it God knows when, how I wish we could do the same with our smartphones.

It’s small, it’s portable, quite loud and easy to use. Next thing, I think I will also get the hard case, just for when we go for a barbecue or travel with friends, so that it also is protected and easy to move it around.

And last on the list of cool stuff we bought recently or not that recently it’s unrelated to all the technology in this article – it’s more fashion related, some eyewear provided by Hawkers. A relatively unknown brand, set up a few years ago, when all of a sudden a lot of commercials started popping up on my Facebook news feed. With a quite low price, the max around 40Eur and different shapes, sizes and models, this budget friendly sunglasses provide besides a UV protection and polarization, a great customer service. I can’t say the plastic is premium, but for the price it is a decent eye protector that meets fashion needs. Also, if you are one of the people who always throw their glasses wherever and scratches them easily, at least you won’t mind for the price you’ve paid.

But what I find great is their customer service – they are prompt, and if you receive a faulty pair of glasses, which happened both to me and a friend of mine, they are fast in dispatching a brand new pair to you. Who does that? Not that many sellers.

My Hawkers Warwick Rose Gold sunglasses – Pic via Hawkers site


Also, they keep on growing as a company, having a lot of collabs with famous people – be it DJs or football players, which adds a nice touch to the eyewear collection. For the price, rather than getting a H&M or other no brand sunglasses, you can try the basic Hawkers ones and see how you feel about it. Plus, they regularly have promos so hook your friends up and benefit of a even better deal.

Well this was it for now, these are my recommendations and my experiences. Let me know if you found and tested some other gadgets that you like and that make your life easier.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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