Life lately

Ahhh, yes! Life lately has been good. Good to be alive, to breathe, to make changes, to be brave, to seek the unknown, to experiment, to sport, to just do whatever I put my mind into. As I am writing these lines, I am looking out on the window from my new office. A shared one, that is, but nonetheless a new one. An office full of guys, tech guys since I was brave enough to switch my career to IT. I wouldn’t have pictured myself here, up to this point and in the same time, it was clear that I have to do something more productive with me career. So, with this in mind, I backed away from the economics and went through with IT, databases to be more exact. Queries, backups, restores, that’s gonna be on my daily work menu. I have a lot to learn, I haven’t done this in a while and even then, it was back in the uni when I performed some basic SQL statements with the scope of producing my projects. And I am scared, I am afraid and unsure on my capabilities aaaaaand in the same time so eager to prove to everyone, to myself I can do about anything I decide I want to do.

So how was it on my first day at the job? Well, I resolved some issues for some colleagues with basic queries and some guidance from the lead architect and even performed and update over the phone with an external contractor. I was literally sweating and with an office full of guys they sure noticed my tension and made fun of me, as to distress me. So yes, things are starting to move, slowly now in the beginning, but soon enough I will have no other choice than to adapt. Cause that’s the natural selection law. Adapt or you shall perish. And I want to do great things, even though I have to take steps I never considered doing. Hahaha! It even sounds funny to me to write my thoughts, but if someone reads these words and finds themselves in the same position, more or less, well you – yes you, kudos to us! 🙂 We are facing a promising future and no regrets must be given in respect to the past.

This was a short one, a quick note just to mark this moment in my life.

More info to come; more posts to be written, more of me online.




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